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Lone Goose

There is a lone goose on the Life Church property. I noticed it in our field during our prayer walk last Saturday. I told Linda, my prayer partner, that we needed to pray for someone that was grieving the loss of their mate, although I didn’t know who. I knew though that geese mate for life so you usually see them in pairs. Even if one is left behind because of injury the other will stay instead of moving on with the flock. This goose was just standing there. Didn’t move or anything. So we prayed. It was still there yesterday.

Several years ago Busch Gardens in Williamsburg invited Fabio to attend the opening of a new roller coaster called Apollo’s Chariot. Fabio was dressed up as Apollo with a coaster full of goddesses dressed in white. During that first ride Fabio was hit in the face by a goose (or Fabio hit a goose). It sent him to the hospital…it killed the goose. National news. What probably didn’t hit the national news though was that in the next days another goose started exhibiting odd behavior just outside the park. Park officials had to have it removed to assure the safety of the guests. They tried putting it elsewhere. It died shortly after. It was widely held belief that this goose was the mate grieving it’s loss.

This lone goose makes me sad and touches my heart. This morning I was thinking of the goose but this time in a little different way. I saw the goose and I saw Jesus standing out in that field all alone grieving and waiting for us (His church, His bride) to return to Him.