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The Principality of Andorra

“Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your possession.” ~ Psalm 2:8

It is my desire that the Word of God would reach every nation in this world. It is my desire that the Lord would use this blog and my studies of the Word for His glory. For that reason, I highlight nations that have yet to come across my blog in some way – targeting them here but even more so in my prayers, as I study and share about them.

In the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, between France and Spain, the Principality of Andorra is one of the smallest European states. It is only 458 sq. Km.  The population is 87,000. Only ¼ of the residents are native. Most others are from Spain. The official language is Catalan, which is closely related to Spanish. The Andorran people have the sixth-highest life expectancy in the world, living to an average of 85 years.

A Principality is a state ruled by a prince, usually a relatively small or subordinate state. For 715 years, from 1278 to 1993, Andorrans lived under a unique co-principality. They were ruled by both French and Spanish leaders.

In 1993 while titles for heads of state were retained, the government transformed into a parliamentary democracy. In the late 20th century, Andorra became a popular tourist destination. An estimated 10 million people visit each year drawn by the winter sports, summer climate, and duty-free shopping. Andorra has also become a wealthy international commercial center because of its banking facilities, low taxes, and lack of customs duties.

However, recent economic hardships have required Andorra to start taxing foreign investments and to implement stricter economic policies.

The Catholic Church remains the official church, and 90% of the people claim affiliation.  Despite their claims, Andorra is very secular, and the occult is a significant influence in this nation. Many consult mediums and seers for guidance, often at a very high cost.

Drug and alcohol addiction is common, broken families are widespread, and suicide rates are high.

Biblical Christianity struggles to retain a foothold. Catholicism has lost its appeal, and the handful of other congregations where evangelicals worship grow very slowly. Praise God for committed expatriate believers and the few indigenous Andorran believers.

How to pray for Andorra:

  • Pray for the Holy Ghost to fall and open the eyes and hearts of those turning to mediums for answers.
  • Pray for all faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, that they might have the passion, boldness, and discernment to share their faith effectively.
  • Pray for genuine revival and the resulting church growth.
  • Pray for deliverance for those battling drugs and addictions of any kind.
  • Pray for deliverance for those battling depression, anxiety, fear, that suicide spirit.
  • Pray for the broken homes, that husbands and wives would each surrender to the Lord and that they will allow Him to bind them together by the power of the Holy Ghost.
  • Pray for tourists seeking duty-free goods to find their contentment in Jesus Christ.

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people; but the LORD will arise upon thee, and His glory shall be seen upon thee. ~ Isaiah 60:1,2

Lift up your heads, O ye gates! Even lift them up, ye everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, He is the King of glory. Selah. ~ Psalm 24:9-10

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Prayer for the New Year

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before Your throne to lift up Your sons and daughter. Lord, by the authority You give through the blood of Your Son, and as commanded in Your Word, I come that yokes of darkness would be broken and to speak blessings and life over each one as we begin this new year.

In the name of Jesus, I break the power of the devil and speak release from all bondage. Where there are limitations, restrictions, afflictions of your body or mind, let those be broken and destroyed by the power of the Holy Ghost. I declare and decree that every weight, heaviness, depression be lifted and that every word spoken against you be destroyed. I command all that was taken by the enemy be restored seven times. I pray that you will turn away from worthless things.

In the name of Jesus, I release the FIRE of GOD to set you ablaze that you will burn with passion for Him. I pray that your heart will desire Jesus continuously, that you will never cease to seek Him, and that as you do, He will reveal Himself mightily. I pray that His Word will come alive in your heart and that zeal for His house will consume you. I pray that you will yield to the work of the Holy Ghost to bring forth every purpose and desire of the Father for your life. I pray that you will glorify Him and boldly share His Gospel throughout every corner of your world.

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee: The Lord make His face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. ~ Number 6:24-26

In the precious and holy name of Jesus, I pray. Amen! Amen!

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House of Prayer


Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people. ~ Isaiah 56:7

Amazing things take place when the people of God gather to pray. Impossibilities become victories. Stubborn enemies that resist the opposition of the prayers of individual believers flee when two or more assemble side-by-side, each one giving his or her unique spiritual supplies and giftings.

The Bible affirms it again and again in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Word tells us about times when darkness is driven away because some linked their hearts and their faith together and became that house of prayer.

As born again believers, we are a house of prayer. We are God’s temple. He dwells in us, not just individually but also collectively as a church.” And these days, our collective, unified prayer and power are urgently needed.

As precious as our personal and solitary times of prayer may be and as much as we enjoy being alone with the Father, we live in a time with challenges so great that they can only be met by the corporate prayers of God’s people. We are in a season when we need not just lone prayer warriors, but the church in all its various parts, closely joined and firmly knit together … each part working correctly for God’s Kingdom. In other words, during these last days, God is looking for people of prayer who will draw near not only to Him but also to each other. He is searching for those who will join hands and hearts and become His House of Prayer.

 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love ~ Ephesians 4:16

Then returned they unto Jerusalem from the mount called Olivet, which is from Jerusalem a sabbath day’s journey. And when they were come in, they went up into an upper room, where abode both Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew, Philip, and Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, and Simon Zelotes, and Judas the brother of James. These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren. And in those days Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples, and said, (the number of names together were about an hundred and twenty,) ~ Acts 1:12-15

For through him we both have access by one Spirit unto the Father. Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God; and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone; In whom all the building fitly framed together growth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit. ~ Ephesians 2:18-22




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Fruit and fish…who can understand?

“All fruitfulness flows from intimacy.”

This phrase has been “burning” in me for the last few days. Where did it come from?

I was thinking about it this morning during prayer walk and it became kind of mixed into the scripture about Jesus pulling the coin out of the fishes mouth. I wondered why they seemed so intertwined? Maybe it was just the guy fishing at the pond…

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Pray lest you fall

Well it has happened. I fell asleep in the prayer room this morning. Dozed off, nodded off…never imagined I would. Most especially didn’t imagine it since I popped up and was ready to face the day at 5am because I couldn’t sleep. So eager. There is just something about falling asleep during prayer that really humbles you. I am reminded of the disciples and their same struggle. How often I have judged them…and now I have lived it, kind of. What did Jesus say to them…pray lest you fall into temptation? What did He say to me? Pretty much the same thing the first time I woke up and the second. As I left I did so just as I imagine Peter did, determined to prove I hadn’t failed terribly and that I could overcome. Even to standing up and cutting off an ear of the enemy…acting first thinking later out of a passion to prove something. That same determination and proof— a failure as well.

Yes it happened. The temptation, the frustration, the battle, the failure. All I had to do was stay awake and pray, but I couldn’t.

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Blessed are the Poor

Have you ever just had one of those days where despite problems everything fell into place in a way that you just knew God was in control and you felt like something was going to happen? You may have to much on your plate and have not even gotten through half of your “to do” list but even still a sense of peacefulness has fallen. Looking at the clock, you wonder if time has stopped or something. Have you ever asked God to allow your steps to be His steps and to prevent you from straying from those steps…even if just for today…and then been totally surprised by His steps and that He answered your prayer? This has been my day and I am very aware that if I don’t follow exactly I will be off the path that was created. I feel urgency in my writing and in my heart.

I began the afternoon with a need to pray but not really knowing what for. I know to pray for the needs of others and the church and myself but today I sensed that this was not the day to pray for the usual. This was a different need. Since I didn’t know that need, I began praying the scriptures. I just opened my Bible randomly and began. The scripture for this time was Isaiah 61:1-3. Wow…I love Isaiah.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion- to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”

I meditated on the words anointing and poor but all my mind could see was love. Why love? Doesn’t even mention love. Maybe since I have had God’s love on my mind lately. I understand the concept of anointing and anointing for power to preach… but I began to think that maybe something like love could change a person much easier and more completely than preaching-even good preaching. (umm sorry to some of you ; )I wondered if it was necessary or helpful to be anointed to love— in a radical way? To love like God loves? Could God’s radical love flow through you if you didn’t feel particularly anointed to love? Or is everyone equally gifted in this area since after all, God is love. And what about the poor? Who are the poor? Why even call out the poor? It can’t be just an economic description although we can’t ignore that. It almost has to be the poor spiritually, the poor emotionally, the poor physically? How does God want us to take care of the poor? There are just so many. In fact, could not most people be found poor in some area of their lives…so are we not called to care for what would seem everyone? Everyone!! All of them? What is He saying?

As I finished prayer, I picked up a book that has been a source of devotion for me for the last weeks by Henri J.M. Nouwen titled Here and Now. This was part of what I read:

“Jean Vanier, the Canadian who founded a worldwide network of communities for mentally disabled people, has remarked more than once that Jesus did not say: ‘Blessed are those who care for the poor,’ but ‘Blessed are the poor.’ Simple as this remark may seem, it offers the key to the kingdom. I want to help. I want to do something for people in need. I want to offer consolation to those who are in grief and alleviate the suffering of those who are in pain. There is obviously nothing wrong with that desire. It is a noble and grace-filled desire. But unless I realize that God’s blessing is coming to me from those I want to serve, my help will be short-lived, and soon I will be ‘burned out.’ How is it possible to keep caring for the poor when the poor only get poorer? How is it possible to keep nursing the sick when they are not getting better? How can I keep consoling the dying when their deaths only bring me more grief? The answer is that they all hold a blessing for me, a blessing that I need to receive. Ministry is, first of all, receiving God’s blessing from those to whom we minister. What is this blessing? It is a glimpse of the face of God. Seeing God is what heaven is all about! We can see God in the face of Jesus, and we can see the face of Jesus in all those who need our care. Once I asked Jean Vanier: ‘How do you find the strength to see so many people each day and listen to their many problems and pains?’ He gently smiled and said: ‘They show me Jesus and give me life.’ Here lies the great mystery of Christian service. Those who serve Jesus in the poor will be fed by him whom they serve: ‘He will put on an apron, set them down at the table and wait on them’ (Luke 12:37). We so much need a blessing. The poor are waiting to bless us.”

Amazing. God put a whole new light on a piece of His Word for me; a whole new light in my heart. Is He beginning to answer my prayer and change my heart? A heart that has seen too much, heard too much and stopped really feeling some things long ago. Is He changing my skepticism, negativity and frustration with such a needy world by giving me a vision of the possibilities- the possibilities of sharing His love and sharing in His love and sharing Him? Even sharing His love with Him. Even sharing in His love by sharing Him. Strange thoughts to me.

Then it was as though God Himself were asking me these next questions…Melissa, how do you view the family that walks right past your house every day because they can’t afford the gas or the car to put it in? How do you view the homeless with their signs and cups? How do you view those that are so anxious and stressed that they won’t allow themselves to slow down and see Me even as they sit fidgeting in church? How do you view the prostitute, the drug addict, the gang member? How do you view the lonely? How do you view those in nursing homes or those in their own prisons of disease- those with Alzheimer’s or Aids? How do you view those that have just been beaten down through prejudice and hate and neglect? How do you view the housewife that seems to have it all but keeps herself so busy that she doesn’t have the time to really check her heart? Melissa, how do you view Me?

You know, I am just trying to get to the end of a very busy day and on to the next prayer meeting, but today I can hear God’s voice calling me to go by the nursing home to visit someone I haven’t checked on in a while. Someone I really only know as acquaintance but someone still so familiar to something within my soul. Because of old age and illness, I will probably never really get to know this person, but somehow we connect and she has something for me that I desperately need. I’ll leave work and make it happen and you know I honestly can’t wait because I know in my heart I am meeting Jesus there.

Isn’t it wonderful that those that a part of the world would consider profoundly lacking in some way are actually chosen by God to be bearers of a profound grace of God’s presence? Shouldn’t that give us all Hope? And as I run to that nursing home should I not be singing praises knowing that I am getting ready to have just a glimpse of the face of Jesus, my own Savior?

You know, I don’t have it together so please, please don’t think that I even think I do because here is the real test that is yet to be taken. If I ever pass it maybe then I will know for sure I have a revelation and understanding of a love that has changed me. Radical true love…God’s love flowing in me and through me.

The test- If I knew that Jesus was not going to be there today and it was just going to be a lonely lady in a tattered and soiled nightgown that would cling to me physically in desperation and cry out horribly when I leave. If I knew she would never ever remember my visit or my name (on this earth or in the next), would I still drop everything, sing praises, and go?

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Don’t abandon ship; someone has to throw the life-preservers

Interesting things have been happening in prayer these days. God has spoken about revelation driven prayer and hearing His voice through the things that He brings to my mind during prayer time. I have been given confidence that some things I have for so long excused as just my imaginations are one of the ways He uses to speak to me. This was made very clear for me during our prayer meeting yesterday.

We came into prayer last night feeling very discouraged. Everyone. We were tired and everything seemed the same old, same old. Even our conversation was frankly boring. Someone asked God to help the people get into his Word (fairly common prayer, I guess) but just like that I heard God say, “You first.” It was so clear that it couldn’t be ignored so I immediately relayed what I heard. We opened our Bibles and began to pray the scriptures. During this time we asked God to show us what was on His heart. To have us pray His heart, His prayers. We have said this prayer many times before too but yesterday things just were different.

Immediately I saw the hill behind the church and from the very top of the very tallest tree on down all I could see was the blood of Jesus running down it like rivers. Maybe more rushing down it and the blood was covering absolutely everything in its path. Every corner, every crevice…everything. I began praying this scene and declaring this scene but admittedly I started feeling awkward because it was a different kind of prayer for me and I became aware of those around me and so I stopped, it ceased – the prayer and the flow of what I had been seeing. I knew that I had stopped what God was trying to do.

But toward the middle of our time I was asking God for salvations and He gave another “scene.” Don’t you just love second chances? I knew immediately that it was connected to the the Full Flame Evangelism course (Reinhard Bonnke). In that course we watched a short movie about a group of people on a ship that ran across some that were overboard. The message was that people are drowning and we have the ability to rescue them but we each must decide if we will risk our own lives to do so or not by jumping in. What God gave me was just a bit different though…

There was a ship with many, many people beside it in the water. People were floating around and drowning but it was as though they were very comfortable and didn’t know that they were drowning. There were a few that were fighting for their lives but they were for the most part ignored by those floating. Those floating had no idea they were getting ready to die. Some people were still on the ship and they each had a stock of life preservers. When they could get someone’s attention, they were throwing them out into the water and then dragging them into the boat to safety. Those aboard the ship faced two obstacles. They had to find a way to get the people to pay enough attention so they could warn them of their impending death and they had to avoid the lure of jumping into the water themselves. See no one fell off the ship. There were no problems with the ship. The problem was that the people were lured to jump. Some had jumped with good intentions of helping but for most something of the water had enticed them and I heard God say to me, “Don’t abandon ship. Someone has to throw the life preservers.”

Just like that discouragement was gone and I settled into what I had been asked to do in prayer and intercession…and definitely not feeling the same old, same old.