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The Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

God blessed me in so many ways this weekend at our Women’s Retreat. These are four that blessed me and reminded me that the seeds God had me plant in their lives 15 years ago in a tiny prayer room (where we prayed and studied the Word of God and prayed some more…sometimes all night long) were now bearing fruit in not only their lives but the lives of those they now lead. Only God knows how we sometimes need a reminder.

What did He remind me of?
Prayer, the Word, Fellowship with the likeminded, Worship, the passion I once had to see Healing and deliverance. Oh yes, I always seek healing and deliverance but He reminded me of the PASSION. He reminded me of who I am in Him!!!

What did He show me in them? The Glory!!! During praise and worship I looked back. I knew they would be worshiping with flags but when I turned and saw – I saw the GLORY OF GOD. And His Glory took my breath away!!!


This worship flag was hand-painted for me by Michael Fickess – an artist, author, and Bible teacher at Morningstar Ministries. In that little prayer room, we often used flags, streamers, and banners in our worship and prayer times. For that reason, I have many and this very special one.

I am packing for a move next week, and here I sit with all of these flags. They have been in that closet for such a long time. To be honest they have been there for years. So, I had to ask myself these questions I have asked over and over these last weeks –

What good is anything that stays in the back of a closet? No matter the significance, no matter the memories of what God did, no matter how hard it feels to let go of something special??? No matter how difficult it can be to release what God has given you to another in a season you once were? What good is something left in the back of the closet that was given to be used? Even if you love it…or maybe especially if you love it?

Maybe sometimes the greatest act of worship is to release what God has given in a previous season to support and empower and make way for others in their season and their call.

I am in a different place in my life and in a different season, but my calling hasn’t changed and my heart hasn’t changed. I know who these will go to now – especially this extraordinary one. The picture doesn’t even do it justice, but I know some who will.

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