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The Four Dreams Of December

I have been praying that God would give me dreams again like He gave when I first entered the prayer ministry. I had so many dreams and visions back then. Well I asked and He gave me not one but four last month. So interesting to look at them as a whole and see what God is saying. Also, that three of them involved one particular young adult woman.

12/11/2017 – We were in church and there was a newborn baby…a little girl in pink. I was walking across the sanctuary and she stood to her feet, grabbed my hand, and started walking alongside me. Everyone was looking and applauding. I was intrigued by it but I felt very disturbed. Not because she stood and grabbed my hand and walked so much but because as far as I knew newborn babies were just not supposed to walk immediately and I wondered if it was bad for her development to skip so many stages of development.

Dream of 12/26. I was brought before a board of three people of different ages. I knew two of them (a man in his 30s and a girl in her 20s and the third was older and unknown to me though I felt I had heard of her). At their request, I brought to the meeting this big book containing all of my writing and the journal of my thoughts, ideas, and dreams. The man sitting across from me reached over gently and took the book. He said I must take this away and you must leave immediately. I asked why…? And he said there is a spirit that has attached itself to you and seeks to steal what is written here. He said it steals by weaving words of doubt and bitterness and fear amongst your dreams and ideas. So until you are free nothing in this book is safe. The other two shook their heads in agreement and I walked out of the room….leaving it all behind for safe keeping. I woke up and was very troubled and fell on my knees crying out to God for deliverance from this spirit. It was a spirit of negativity.

Two dreams 12/30/2017…in one i was on a train with my church family and I was sitting next to a young adult girl from my church. We all fell asleep because it was a long journey. When we reached our destination the train conductor woke us up and told us to disembark (they use that wording on cruises). When I tried I could not get off because my new white tennis shoes were gone. Were they stolen? Not sure, but the ground outside was so jagged that I couldn’t step foot off without shoes. The train conductor led me to a pit of old shoes but I couldn’t find any my size and my new white ones were not there. He directed me to stay on the train and I returned to my seat.

2nd one I went to a concert in the middle of a poor neighborhood. Everyone there was dressed in black. As we drove to park our car, I thought i have black on too but I knew I would not blend in with this crowd. I knew I would Blend better with the poor neighbors. We went to park and one of the young adult girls from my church was the parking attendant. She showed me where to park. I said the rules I was sent say I should go to the space ahead of me. She said no you have to park here so you can depart quickly if things became dangerous. So I did.