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I have been back from Tanzania for almost a week. I have not fully recovered from jet lag and I am weepy and having a bit of a hard time processing some things. I want to take a minute to address something though. Women caught up in human trafficking are exploited on so many levels by just about everyone they come into contact with. Because of that, I did not feel the release from the Holy Ghost to take even one picture of a person on this trip, whether it be a lady, a child, or a team member…so I didn’t take any. I just couldn’t. I prayed for miracles, signs, wonders, salvations. I prayed that I would express the love of Jesus and that I would represent Him well. I pray I accomplished that. I know I attempted to plant lots of seeds.

The team I was a part of talked to many, many girls each night. From 8pm to midnight we walked and talked. We hugged and were hugged. We laughed and we cried. We shared the gospel on every corner and every dark alley of the red light district. For us, we did not have any girls come to the house. Some of those I prayed extensively for at the house have since run away or been sent away because of issues we couldn’t have known. The team as a whole had success and of the seven brought in during our time on the streets, three have stayed. Cecelia, Lena, Neema. They also brought with them 2 precious little boys into the house. At our banquet many responded to the Gospel message and testimonies. Seeds planted.

It would be easier to share and process with pictures but all I have now are the pictures planted in my heart – pictures of lots of darkness but even more pictures of light. I met some of the sweetest and most beautiful and intelligent young girls in that darkness. I have nothing now to even prove it except a heart ripped open by the promises of God I saw in their faces and on their lives as they made their choices each night and walked away. And so here I sit back in NC asking our Father…what do I do with this now? What about the girls I talked to every single night…Happiness, Jackie, and Lina. What is to become of them? I am weepy…but I believe He weeps even more than I do. These are His daughters. His “Binti.” And He says to me the same thing He has been saying since He set me on this journey. He says, “Pray!”