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Freedom Is Not Free – and why I do the job I do!

I honor my dad, the late Gary Lynch Frazier, for his service to our country. My father served in the US Navy, had some mental health issues and was honorably discharged without treatment. He commited suicide years later and after a long battle with the government, the government took responsibility for his death because they failed to treat him though their doctors alone fully knew his condition. They then gave him the ultimate honor and they gave us survivor’s benefits.

My dad’s death was not in vain as that battle was groundbreaking and it laid the foundation of the current mental health system for our Vets and the military and families today. Before dad’s death and our family’s battle, mental health care for those suffering was non-existent. Freedom is not free.

Thanks dad from all of those that don’t even know your name… but that you are helping…especially in these days. Happy Veterans Day!

and for those that don’t know….this is why I do the job I do!!!!!