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Dream of 10/27/2012

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Revelation 2:7

Earlier this week, I stated that I really wanted to eat from the tree of life. Yesterday I had a dream regarding that.

In the dream I was still at the beach house but it was so familiar as though I lived there as my residence. I was out and about trying to get to the Tree of Life but kept running into obstacles.

I came across a young girl (withholding name) that was taking many pictures of each of us there and many pictures of everything that we were doing. She wanted me to stand there and look at each and every picture that she had on her camera. We started through each one and it was tedious but we just stood there looking as she scrolled through them.

We had almost seen them all when overhead we saw a futuristic airplane that seemed to be propelled by a circular wheel type gadget on the very back of it. It looked like a missile but in my dream i knew it was for passengers. It flew very close over our heads. It was followed by a round oil tanker that was as an airplane. As the oil tanker flew over very bright and very hot blasts of flames came out of the top and bottom toward things on the earth. As different things moved it burned them completely and instantly up. We also had to dodge these flames.

My son had a lot of electronic things but electricity surged through them and they would not work. Someone came to tow our car and they loaded all of our things that we owned onto a trailer that was also attached to the tow truck. They were moving all of our things but we weren’t going with our things. I could see all of the electronic gadgets surrounding the perimeter of our other possesions. Even though none of the electronic gadgets worked because of the surge, I felt I had to go and retrieve all of those electronics. Nothing else. It was like a compulsion and I couldn’t not save those particular things.

We were very hungry so we went to Cracker Barrel to eat but got so consumed with the things in the store part of the restaurant that we neglected to eat. We were on a strict schedule and it was time for us to leave- we never did eat, even though we were hungry. We didn’t buy anything either. Just spent our time looking at the merchandise. We went to leave Cracker Barrel and to get out we had to go through a huge maze of tunnels and stairs to get out. When we finally got out I stood there…

Then I sort of half way woke up but I was still dreaming and my thought was…I never even got to see the Tree of Life and I didn’t get to eat of it. I was incredibly sad with a groaning sadness. Very deep! Sadness from the depths.

I had a heaviness on me and I felt urgency.

Still dreaming I felt awake but wanted to go back to sleep but I couldn’t because I felt the Lord wanted me to get up and write this all down and He wasn’t going to allow me go back to sleep until I did. His Word regarding this dream was “mandated” and when I heard that I knew in my spirit it was important and I must follow through.

I got myself awake enough to get into my office and I wrote it all down as it was in my dream quickly and in fractioned sentences all over a page.

Then I went and laid down on the couch and went back to sleep.

(Mandate: the formal notice of decision)