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Closed Doors Birth Opportunity

Hmmmm… another closed door…but I’ve made up my mind that I am just going to sit back and relax and wait to see what God is doing! In fact, I am so confident in the Word of the Lord to me on 10/15/11 from Sister Mattie that I know that all of these closed doors in my life are part of the birthing of new opportunities for me. It is not irony that doors are closing in many areas.  I thank the Lord for helping me to stay calmer than I ever dreamed I could and that He told the prophet a part of His plan for me ahead of time and she declared it over my life during that retreat. I received it as from the Lord. Hallelujah! and all the Glory to GOD!! I press on….

The prophet said: “When you came into the room I could tell there was something special about you. I could tell that you are a woman God is pleased with. He is pleased and He told me to tell you that. Allow Him to use you. Pack your bags. You are used to staying at home but God says pack your bags. God says He is putting together a team of women and you are one of them. You will speak to great men and great women. Your spirit is sweet and your smile will open the doors for you. Speak the Word to my church. If no one will listen then preach to the dogs or preach in the bathroom. Preach to the empty chairs if you have to….just preach. Be bold. Ask Him for boldness. You know that the Lord has put it in your heart. You know it. Be faithful in the little things God has you doing. Be happy with the gifts He has given you. Pray! Always remember the importance of corporate prayer. Follow after those whose anointing you desire…even as Elisha followed Elijah. Follow them. Doors are opening!”