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Titles and Descriptions of the Messiah in the Book of Isaiah

Studying Isaiah with Allen Hood of International House of Prayer University. Tonight he went over The Titles and Descriptions of the Messiah in the book of Isaiah. Even as he just read them you could feel the Presence of God. Truly touched my heart so much I wanted to share. Here are the names he read tonight

The Branch of the Lord


The King

The Holy, Holy, Holy

The Lord of Hosts


A Stumbling Stone

A Rock of Offense

Wonderful Counselor

Almighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

Root of Jesse

A Banner to the Nations

Gatherer of the Remnant/Outcasts

Holy One of Israel

Righteous One

Crown of Glory

A Diadem of Beauty

A Stone

King Reigning in Righteousness

King in His Beauty




Glory of the Lord

Excellency of our God




God’s Elect One



Light to the Gentiles

Despised of Man

Mighty One of Jacob

Arm of the Lord

Tender Plant

Man of Sorrows

Smitten by God

God’s Righteous Servant



High and Lofty One

Zealous Warrior

Everlasting Light

Anointed One

The Speaker of Righteousness

Angel of His Presence

The Glory of Israel

The Glory of the Nations

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