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Abba’s Promises

Last night I went to bed with such pain in my heart. Someone repeated some of my words very much out of context…using chosen parts of a question I asked to create the impression that I implied something that wasn’t in my heart at all. It provoked confusion and anger unnecessarily. Why?  What is going on? Do I fight this kind of thing.  I don’t know — so I asked Abba Father (the only daddy I have) for some help in dealing with this because I have no one else. God gave me two things over these last few hours. First was a Word to me almost in my sleep but like not….hard to describe. The second He sent in a Word from a friend.

To me:  You are on a path and there are many that would try to stop you.  They are not even aware they are being used to do this. They don’t know your path. They don’t know your potential in Me. They are as a tree that was planted to cover my path for you. Go around.  Do not hesitate. Do not stop to look or listen or feel. Do not stop to smell or taste.  Your fruit is not  at this tree or growing from it. Your fruit is up the path, up ahead. Go around  and stay on your path keeping your eyes only on me.  Move toward the promises- My promises to you.

Then I received this message this morning from a friend. Just felt he was to give it to me:  I see FLOWERS lots of FLOWERS Melissa. yellow flowers which represent PROMISES of God soon to come to pass. believe Him for the promises, Melissa, every accurate word spoken over you is also a covenant. remind Him of His word. loved ones, ministries, provision, etc. also i see a full plate of food in front of you. i think the full plate of food was the promise of provision for you. AND a feast of His word also Melissa. Yes you’re going to have the richness of His goodness in both provision and His word.blessings

Thanks Abba for Your love and encouragement and Your faith in me!!!