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He opens His heart up time and again

One of my favorite things about Jesus is that He keeps His heart open to people. Even when He was on this earth He fully loved people and told them the truth and there was no contradiction in that. He knew that He was going to be despised and rejected and yet over and over again He would chose to love and serve.

In this day and age we find it hard to keep our hearts open to people especially if there is an indication of difficulty or pain involved. If we think there could be rejection or separation on the horizon we would rather get out before we get hurt. How opposite to Jesus.

Jesus died for people who hated Him (like us). He washed the feet of men who were going to deny even knowing Him.

I have a feeling it’s because firstly, He is love, and secondly He was so confident in the love of the Father and the Father was the one He lived to please, so even if people rejected His love He knew His Father delighted in Him.

I really want to be like Jesus!