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I’m Waiting

Just a quick thought-

If those who wait on the Lord are never put to shame…

If God avenges those who wait…

If He acts on behalf of those who wait…

…then there is power in the waiting.

Waiting on the Lord, as weak and as foolish as it may look or feel, is maybe the most effective, powerful thing we can do. I mean, seriously, in light of the list above, I can’t think of anything that would wreak more havoc against the kingdom of darkness than a bunch of believers waiting on God.

By waiting I don’t mean inaction. I think you can only “wait” if you expect something to happen. “Waiting” in line means I expect to get to the cash register at some point. “Waiting” on a friend at church indicates that I’m planning on them actually showing up. Waiting implies hope for something yet to come. Sitting around, doing and thinking nothing, isn’t waiting. If I’m not aware of or interested in something happening, then I can’t be said to be waiting for it.

Waiting is not passive. Waiting is not stoic. It is an active thing- having faith in who the Lord is and what He says He’s going to do. It encourages our hearts to keep asking, seeking, and knocking. It keeps hope alive in our hearts that there’s more to our life than what our eyes see. And God actually says that He responds with full zeal to those who will wait for Him. Waiting — the way we carry our hearts in delay — is perhaps one of the most powerful things we can do.