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Pastor Sammy’s sermon today reminded me of the following. I have this written in my Bible (don’t remember where I heard so I can’t document author/speaker):

“One of the hardest tests that we must pass if we are going to fulfill our ultimate calling is to not get distracted by all the other things that God is doing. God is doing many wonderful things today, but it is not possible for us to be involved in all of them. It is often difficult to resist joining another successful move of God, especially when well-meaning people often make others think that they are missing God if they do not join that movement. We must learn to give ourselves only to what God has called us to do.”

I am blessed to have women in my life that value accountability. Very, very often they remind me to avoid distractions, which come in many forms. To keep my eyes on the vision He gave me…not to look to either side, but just straight ahead.

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