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just some thoughts on being chosen and adoption

Thoughts on being chosen –

Before the world ever existed there was God and in that moment He loved me. His love is eternal. He doesn’t just love me now, He loved me then. I am who I am because of the eternal love of God. This separates God’s love from every other love on the planet. If God has eternally loved me then His love for me is not based on my past because He loved me before I had one. It is not based on my efforts or trying to do good because He loved me before. His love for me is based on the death of His Son. It is His Son’s righteousness that makes Him love me. If God has eternally loved me then there is this anticipation by God for me. Not just for us but for me. Anticipation for me and great love for me. This love is the foundation that my destiny is built on. Before creation of the world He chose me to be holy and blameless. He picked me! Do I think He made a mistake? He picked me and it says in the scripture He’s happy about it.

Thoughts on adoption –

God predestined me. He has adopted me. Adoption is a word that in our world is used mostly as taking in a child as our own if we can’t have our own. But I feel God is saying I am a Father and I had my own Son. I had my own Son and I gave Him away so I could have you. I had my own Son and I allowed Him to suffer and gave Him away so you could be adopted. Do you get what that means? Do you know who you are? Amazing.

I am starting to get it.