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On Earth as It Is in Heaven


Wigglesworth was conducting a crusade for Davies. One night in the healing line, there was a young man with a bandage around his throat. When the evangelist asked him, “What’s up?” He replied in a hoarse whisper, “Can God do anything for me?” “Of course He can,” answered Wigglesworth, “unless He has forgotten how to make voice boxes.”

He placed his hands on the young man’s throat, prayed in his usual way, then turned the young man around, saying, “Go home and eat a meal of meat and potatoes.” The young man turned back, “I can’t, sir! I feed myself through this” pointing to a tube in the side of his throat. Wigglesworth turned him around again, gave him a gentle push, and said, “Go on your way. Do as you’re told. Be not faithless, but believing.

The next night, the young man was again in the healing line. When he came forward, Wigglesworth said, “What are you doing here? I prayed for you last night.” The young man answered in a normal voice, “I’ve come to tell you what God did for me last night.” Turning him to face the audience, Wigglesworth said, “You don’t need to tell me. Tell them!

After receiving the preacher’s stern rebuke, I went home and asked my mother to cook me a solid meal. She argued with me, but I told her to please prepare it. I was going to eat it. She prepared the meal. I sat down and took the first mouthful, chewing it a long time, hesitating to swallow it. Finally, with fear and trembling, I swallowed that first mouthful. It just slipped down my throat, no pain, no obstruction, no trouble at all. Since then, I’ve had more meals, and I’m looking forward to one after this meeting.”

Wigglesworth asked, “Then what are you doing with that bandage around your throat?”  The young fellow explained that it covered the tube through which he had been receiving food and that he was going to the hospital the next day to have it removed.

The evangelist quietly but confidently said, “What the Lord has begun, He can complete.” He removed the bandage, gently drew the tube out of the young man’s neck, then placed his thumb and forefinger on each side of the hole. Those who watched were astonished. Before their eyes, the hole healed right up.

What he had seen God do in Heaven, He had done on earth.


George Stormont, “Wigglesworth – A Man Who Walked With God.”  Pgs 71-72.

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