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A Prayer, a Poem, and Two Songs

I was looking through my Bible earlier today and found a few things that I put there back in 2007 when God gave me a heart for missions.  It brought so much to remembrance, and I wanted to share with you today what I found – a prayer, a poem, and two songs that are very dear to my heart. The prayer and poem were written by Betty Scott Stam who was martyred, along with her husband, while they were missionaries in China. The video of the songs is actually two songs. Both were part of His call to me. I love the words to both.

God has a call (sometimes more than one) for all of us whether it be a life of service and sharing the Gospel right here or abroad … and even to travel near and far through the supernatural power of prayer. Sometimes He calls us to go and sometimes He puts us about His business of “going” right where we are. All of this world is His mission field and every time you walk past anyone, even your own family … you are on His field.

As my own calls go, I have learned they are not mine to figure out. Mine is to walk step-by-step in obedience. Help me Lord to listen for Your voice and once I “hear You calling” to obey with each step that I take.

God bless you all.


The Prayer


The Poem (written just before Betty Scott Stam was beheaded)


The Songs (The first song was written and sung by the missionaries that are pictured. The second is so dear to my heart….well, they both are)

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