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Dream of 3/20/2018

2367C73F-0AB5-4B31-AD44-6629F09FC244We were on a cruise ship. Half way through the journey it was planned that we would change ships to reach our final destination. When it came time to transfer, Dan was sick so it was determined he couldn’t go the second leg. He told me to go on and he would catch up with me later.

I was barefoot and had to go back to our room to get shoes only to find they had been packed and the porter had taken the bags already. To continue I would have to go barefoot until my luggage arrived.

“A” broke her lap top because she dropped it intentionally. There were little shards of glass everywhere. I reached down to pick her laptop up and set it aside so no one would cut themselves but then I cut my fingers and blood was all over my clothes.

I met a young couple I once went to church with. She ignored me completely. He told me how much I had meant to him because I sat with him one day and got to know him. Honestly, he intrigued me because the week before I met him I saw an angel bowing at the altar at church and the next week there he was in the same place…also bowing. I never told him of the angel. In my dream I thought of that…but my thoughts were more…I had no idea they were even a couple.

I got up and started to walk toward the second ship. A woman I went to college with was urging me to hurry down the gang plank because it was to time to set sail. It was hard as I was running as fast as I could run.

I saw my pastor run onto the second ship and have a seat at a beautiful round dinner table. She was dressed very elegantly, her hair perfect, and she glowed. She definitely looked like she belonged at this dinner.

There was a mirror in the corridor and I stopped to catch my breath. Looking at myself I thought there is no way I can be a part of that dinner. They usually require appropriate dress in the dining rooms. I didn’t have shoes, a hairbrush or toothbrush. I had nothing except my clothes and they were bloody.

I turned to go back thinking I would wait with Dan and I saw everyone’s bags in a huge heap. But then I looked back toward the second ship and saw a large sign that said – ALL INCLUSIVE – Leave behind all of your bags. Board just as you are and bring nothing. Everything will be provided.

And I woke up!

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