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A Man of Intercession

Proverbs 3:5-6Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

2 Corinthians 1:20For all the promises of God in him are yea, and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.

Mark 11:24Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.    Mark 11:20-24

Rees Howells was a minister of the Gospel, missionary to Africa and a man called to intercession. He prayed until he prayed through…for people, for families, for cities, and for nations. God used him mightily during WWII to pray. I heard a story this week that I feel led to read to you. This is a story in his own words. I know some people turn their minds off when someone is reading something to them, but I am going to ask you to turn your mind on for just a minute to receive what the Lord is saying through this.

There is always a tendency to keep the money, so as to get out of God’s testings and we tried our best to do it this time! Anyway, we had to spend the money, and all the people of the place thought we were well supplied. So, we were, up to that week, and we thought money would be sure to come the day before we were to leave for London; but the last post came, and no money and our train was leaving before the post next morning.

Next morning, we felt sure that it would come o the station platform, but no, the time came for the train to leave. What were we to do? There was only one thing possible. We still had ten shillings, and we must go as far as we could with it; then our (desperate need) would be God’s opportunity. We had to change trains at Llanelly Station, about 20 miles from our home, and wait there a couple of hours; so without letting anyone know, we only booked as far as that.

There were many people at our home station wishing us all the good things, but what we needed was money to go to London! Many also came as far as Llanelly, singing all the way. The thought that came to me was, “I’d sing better if I had the money!”

We went out to breakfast with some friends as Llanelly, and then walked back to the station still not delivered; and now the time for the train had come. The Spirit then spoke to me and said, “If you had money, what would you do?”

“Take my place in the queue at the booking office,” I said.

“Well, are you not preaching that My promises are equal to current coin? (are they not ‘yes and amen’) You had better take your place in the queue.” So, there was nothing I could do except obey.

There was about a dozen people before me. There they were passing by the booking office one by one. The devil kept telling me, “Now you have only a few people in front of you, and when your turn comes, you will have to walk through. You have preached much about Moses with the Red Sea in front and the Egyptians behind, but now you are the one who is shut in.”

“Yes, shut in,” I answered, “but like Moses, I’ll be gloriously led out!”

When there were only two before me, a man stepped out of the crowd and said, “I’m sorry I can’t wait any longer, but I must open my shop.” He said good-bye and put 30 shillings in my hand! It was most glorious, and only a foretaste of what the Lord would do in Africa, if we would obey. After I had the tickets, the people who came with us to the train began to give gifts to us, but the Lord had held them back until we had been tested. We were singing all the way to London!

On arrival we had breakfast with Mr. Head. He then told them that he had 50 pounds for them, but he failed to post it.

Thank God, you didn’t,” I said, “I wouldn’t have been without the test in the queue for anything.

Mr. and Mrs. Howells were set to go to Africa and at that point they had need of only three things – a watch, a fountain pen, and a raincoat for each. They never mentioned these things to anyone but the Lord. During breakfast that day Mr. Head gave them watches from his son. He gave them a good raincoat each because he wanted them prepared for the rainy season in Africa. And he gave them each a fountain pen. The three things they had named to the Lord, he gave to them!

It was then that Mr. Howells told Mr. Head the story of the Lord’s provision for the trip and the three things he had given. “I prefer this to 1,000 pounds,” said Mr. Head, “to know that the Lord can guide me like this in my giving.

So, they left England on July 10, 1915, after a glorious victory, knowing that the One who had called them into this life was able to deliver in all circumstances.


REES HOWELLS (and really Mr. Head too) learned great lessons in obedience and testing.  Because of testing they each had a knowing that God would not only guide every step of the way but also that He would sustain them all the rest of the days of their life.  I am here to tell you today that just as God tested and delivered Mr. Howells, He is testing some of you with His heart set on your deliverance. He wants to use you to get to the place in your testing where you say…Thank God for this trial. I wouldn’t have been without the testing for anything.

If you read the stories of these men of God, you will see over and over where they were used. They prayed, they believed, and they obeyed, and they received provision…deliverance…healings…fruit. God did amazing things for them and through them and still is using their witness to this day.

God wants to use you. As a giver; as an intercessor; as one that goes out. Whatever He has called you to – walk with Him through the test – Keep yourself in His Word.  Keep your eyes on Him and follow Him.