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Heading Back to Tanzania

In 2016, I went with a team led by my former pastor, Sammy Oxendine, on a mission to Moshi, Tanzania, Africa to work alongside missionaries Vince and Vicki Welch. For me, the highlight of that mission was my time with the young women of The Binti Project. “Binti” means “daughter” in Swahili. The Binti Project is a ministry that rescues, restores, and rehabilitates ladies involved in human trafficking.  Once the women (along with their children) enter the Project – they are provided a home and receive physical and emotional care and support, educational and vocational training, and intensive discipleship.

This year, I plan to return to Tanzania in October to work again with the Welches under the leadership of Pastor Sammy. This mission will have one focus – street ministry for The Binti Project. During the day in Moshi, we will conduct prayer walks on the streets of the “red light” district. In the evenings on those same streets, we will share the love of Jesus with the young girls and ladies we meet. We will also invite them to a banquet where they will hear the Gospel message and incredible testimonies of how God is moving and changing lives through the project, and they will have an excellent meal. There will be an explanation of The Binti Project and an invitation to leave the street and become a part of this life changing ministry.

Would you consider giving financially to this mission? Dan and I have paid my travel expenses. Above that, my goal is to raise at least $2000. All funds received will go directly into the mission to cover ministry expenses, to bless The Binti Project home and missionaries, and to provide gifts for the local pastors that invest time and resources into this ministry. Any size donation is helpful and appreciated. If you decide to partner with this year’s mission to Tanzania, you can make a tax-deductible contribution using the enclosed envelope and instructions.

I hope you can tell; The Binti Project is dear to my heart. I count it my great joy to be called of God to go…and I consider it an honor to work alongside these missionaries, my former pastor, and this team. I go as a messenger of Jesus Christ and as a “mama” to sow eternal seed into the lives of His precious daughters, even as my own mom and spiritual mothers have for me.

In closing, may I also ask for your prayers? For the preparation, the team, the journey, the ladies, and the success of this mission! To me, it is the most important thing you can give because God has shown me over and over it is the prayers of many that help carries me where He guides.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for your prayerful consideration.

May your joy and peace be full,