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Dream of 2/13/2015

I had a dream. It has been awhile and so I am very thankful though it seemed rather simple and unfinished. Don’t you hate when you dream a dream with no clear resolution?!? Or was there???

I was in an auditorium. Not a comfortable, clean, modern auditorium but one like I went to in elementary school. Tri-Community Elementary. It was old in elementary school since it was also the school my mom went to as a girl. Much, much older now. I walked in and had the thought that there was a strange charm about the place. Maybe it was the age or the history. It was exactly as I remembered it as a child with the wood folding seats. Some of the seats missing and broken. The carpet was the same. The curtains the same. I was there for a conference and I was happy because it seemed most seats were full and everyone seemed so happy and welcoming. Though the interior was dark and felt kind of damp and there was a musty smell there was excitement in the air.

There was a time of praise and worship and it was simple and upbeat. I thought it was kind of short for a conference…usually they worship longer but okay. Then the first speaker got up and started speaking. He was talking and the people were attentive and “energy” (for lack of a word to describe) was building. As the speaker got into his message however I noticed something. I was having a hard time breathing because of something in the atmosphere. Mildew maybe? Oh well…I tried to focus on what was being said. I was listening and then I noticed….it was very subtle and almost indistinguishable to my ear. It was a switching around of words. Hmmmm….maybe I didn’t hear what I thought I heard. Then I heard something similar it was an absence of some things. Key things. It went on and what I heard I also saw with my own eyes. Clearly I saw a clear glass of mixture. Mixture! Except the two wouldn’t mix up if that makes since. Separation persisted though the speaker was stirring it with his words (and a spoon) as hard as he could trying to get it to mix up as though it were chocolate milk or something. I know it sounds strange but I heard the mixture and saw it clearly in a clear glass in front of me.

Well…then there was this bright light from heaven and it shone down and was so intense I couldn’t ignore it or dismiss it and I didn’t know how anyone was not seeing this light but they weren’t seeing it and the speaker kept on talking and people were clapping. But there was this light and I knew it was the Holy Ghost that said the next three words. He said so loudly I was sure everyone else heard it too, “FLEE DECEPTION DAUGHTER!!!!” And so I ran

Out the front door. I could breathe easier and I sat down on the old, cold concrete steps to wait on others to come out…and I waited and waited and waited.