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Trusting God’s Moves

God cares about the things we care about. I have been praying this morning that Meg would have a better experience dropping G off for his 2nd day of daycare and that somehow she would be filled with incredible peace. I prayed that G would not spend this day crying like he did yesterday but instead he would feel safe and loved and that he would enjoy exploring his new world.

All was going well. One of the workers immediately took G and started rocking him and he seemed content. Meg felt better about it… and then she went to put his bottles in the refrigerator and one of the workers told her that G’s glass bottles could not be allowed because the state didn’t allow glass bottles…and the state was coming today. (One can only wonder why this wasn’t addressed yesterday…but oh well). Meg was angry because suddenly she had to call in to work and cancel a meeting to rush to buy new bottles, run home to clean bottles and refill them and then take them back to the daycare. Heading back, she was determined to give someone a few of her thoughts for not addressing this yesterday on G’s first day.

But GOD had a plan and it was a good plan. He was answering my prayers.

When Meg walked in the door to put the bottles away she noticed G was sitting on a little green fuzzy mat playing with toys. He looked happy and he even sounded so happy squealing as he shook one of the toys. She was immediately so filled with joy and peace regarding G and his care that she quietly put the bottles away and walked out so as not to disturb what was happening.

I know that had the issue with the bottles not forced her to return to that daycare this morning she would have never seen what God had prepared for her and she would have gone to work okay but not filled with that incredible peace and joy, knowing her baby was not only okay but really okay.

GOD IS GOOD and His ways sometimes seem so mysterious at the time but He is moving, moving, moving even when it seems He is not because we are tested or we are inconvenienced in some way. THANK YOU LORD for showing me once again that you hear my prayers and you are moving for G and Meg and all the other special requests that have been placed on my heart and lifted up today.

I know GOD is moving and I trust His moves!!!