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Uncle Clyde

My Uncle Clyde died on Sunday. He had cancer all over his body and was in the very last stages before doctors were able to even confirm it. He was in such pain and so sick the last couple of days and it was hard for him to carry on conversations for even a couple of minutes. But when two of his friends came to visit things changed a little. He wanted to talk with them privately and he had extended conversations (for several hours) with each one. These would be His very last words. After these visits he was given medicine to ease his discomfort.

Didn’t we all wonder what they talked about?

Well…my uncle was giving his friends instructions in the practical things that needed to be done for his wife of 54 yrs who he was leaving behind. Things like shutting the vents under the house, turning on the gas heater when it gets cold, making sure she always had a good, running vehicle, etc… Doesn’t that remind you of Jesus in His last hours? – Concerned about another more than Himself and making sure His mother was taken care of…and assigning one that He trusted, His friend that He loved, to do so. What a beautiful and precious testimony of Christ-likeness and love my uncle lived in those very last hours. I am incredibly touched.

O death, where is thy sting? Thanks be to God, which giveth my uncle the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.