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Loving the Four Year Olds

I was told by a wise someone when I first began working in a mental health environment that to deal with difficult people and/or difficult personality types to look at them as though they were a four or five year old. Especially for those that act out like crazy. Look at them past what is going on in the moment as a child needing attention, love, acceptance…needing something. A child from an environment that perhaps didn’t regard them or teach them manners or respect or an envirnonment that just didn’t love; maybe where there was no peace.

We have much patience and our love is more unconditional for the four and five year olds.

That mindset has always helped me deal and form connections with many different types of people and love them all nevertheless. That mindset allows me to stay graceful in some very strange situations and it allows me to see potential and precious things within the hearts, often hearts masked by the effects of a hard, hard world.

I believe that the way this wise someone told me to see people is the way God sees all of His children. It is the way He saw me. I am one of those four years olds some days…thankfully not as often as I once was.

I am grateful for those that loved me anyway and those that loved me through. I am grateful for love and I have come to believe that most everything and maybe absolutely everything that people come to this counseling facility to get help with, can be healed most through LOVE! Our heavenly Father’s love first but also our love; both unconditional and both free flowing. Love changes you. Love means sometimes putting our own selves out there. Speaking the TRUTH of GOD’s WORD and allowing both that Truth and also that Father’s love through us to give people an environment that grows them up. Not all at once sometimes but more like a plant growing silently…growing and developing sometimes even unnoticed but then one day you turn around and there it is…standing in front of you with such beauty and such purpose. Hidden no more in sometimes the most unexpected people and places.

Yes, loving some is sometimes a challenge and sometimes messy but always the rewards of seeing someone set free and bloom are beyond breathtaking.