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SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — 3/28/11:

I had a vision of a mine, and I saw one of the mine shafts being dynamited so that it would collapse. This was a safety measure for the miners. And, I heard the LORD say that He is going to cut off certain areas of exploration that have been dangerous to our spiritual stability and growth.


This is the season for pruning – This morning in the prayer room I found myself singing the words…”Oh that I can love you more Lord”.  I felt the spirit of the Lord say if you love me more you will love the hard to love more. And then there will be a grace and an anointing on you to love them more and only then will you truly love me more. As I walk I notice that this time every year it’s a natural process of pruning the trees so the new growth can come out even more.