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notes to self

So this is what I am hearing these last few days:

I am not after a ministry from you. I am after a minister out of you.

If you go after the ones that nobody wants; I’ll give you the ones that everybody wants.

In prayer I heard the word “prison” and when I asked God about it I felt He said to study the life of Paul.

God has also used the darkest moment of my life to date (my witness of my dad’s death and his shed blood and my feelings of betrayal and abandonment of my earthly father) and He has given me more revelation and knowledge of the Lamb through it. I have felt this revelation in my spirit so heavily that I can hardly contain myself…with excitement. Now that will create a doublebind for some but you will have to trust what God is doing in our lives and hear me out. I will write more of that in the next couple of days. As of now entitled “BEHOLD THE LAMB!!!”