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The Beauty of Suffering

Why is it that consistently those persecuted for faith show in their lives and speak in ways that show they simply seem to love the Lord a lot more because of it?

I read something last night in the Voice of Martyrs magazine that really spoke to my heart. It has to do with suffering – something we prefer to avoid yet we all are either going through a trying time or we will and what he said gave me some real perspective.

This comes from a 27 year old Egyptian believer named Mohammed Hegazy. Quoting from the article.

“He and his wife are Christians who converted from Islam…After becoming a Christian 11 years ago, Hegazy was beaten regularly by his father until he moved out of the house two years later. In addition, he was tortured several times by Egyptian police. They tied a blindfold around his eyes, hung him upside down by ropes, beat him and shocked him with electric batons trying to gather information about other Christians…Islamic religious leaders have called for his death. Hegazy’s house was burned to the ground, and his family is now in hiding…when asked his thoughts on what the Apostle Paul calls tribulations, Hegazy told us, “I think that suffering is a most beautiful part of the Christian faith because Christianity without pain, without suffering, without hard times is like ready made food (fast food). There’s nothing true in it. It’s very superficial, very shallow””

“We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.” Acts 14:22

Keep pressing into Him and His kingdom.