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I’m Willing!

I’m willing to change this world

I’m willing to make a lasting impact

I’m willing to lay my life down

I’m willing to serve others

I’m willing to follow your lead Lord

I’m willing to deny myself

I’m willing to do the unthinkable

I’m willing to be challenged and challenge others

I’m willing, I’m willing to take risks and adventures


I’m willing to go where i can’t see

I’m willing to be a revolutionary

to be ridiculed and criticized

I’m willing to be strange and to be different

I’m willing to be misunderstood

I’m willing to spread this passion

I’m willing to ignite the fires

I’m willing, I’m willing to be uncontrollably in pursuit of you

to make tough statements and make hard choices


I’m willing to stir people up for you Lord

I’m willing, I’m willing to be a part of this new movement

I’m willing to refuse mediocrity

deny the status quo

rebel against complacency

revolt against religion

uprise against “the way it’s always been”


I’m willing to be the Acts church

whatever the cost, wherever the destination

to be on this journey of unknowns

this quest of uncertainties

this adventure called radical revolutionary faith

To be the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth

and forcefully violently blazingly passionately

advance the kingdom of heaven!

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