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Hoisted On My Own Petard!

House is almost clean, menu complete, all ingredients bought, games planned, excitement building…. We are getting ready to have a real Thanksgiving celebration and feast here at the Flood house. We have our traditions- For instance, at our house, we won’t put up a single Christmas decoration before Thanksgiving. We will wait until Friday evening when Meg and I will decorate the tree while we watch something like Gone With The Wind. Fiddle-dee-dee! or maybe a newer classic like, Napoleon Dynamite…that just makes me laugh so hard! It’s all tradition. Speaking of tradition- YES! No matter what you have heard, we will still go around before dinner and the Thanksgiving blessing and we will each say what we are thankful for. I fully intend to change-up a few things but some things have to continue simply because.

Here at the Flood house Thanksgiving dinner is also traditional and sure to please. Planned are four appetizers, two meats, two salads, six side dishes, three breads, four or maybe five desserts. This year there will be lots of family and some good friends. They are all cooking and then coming together at our house for this feast and time of real fun and fellowship.

This is the craziest thing though… I have delegated so well that I am actually cooking NOTHING for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Do you think anyone will notice? Perhaps I should whip up something, anything…haha….because I am wondering this…if I am cooking nothing and everyone else is cooking something, does this mean that I am the one doing all the clean up? I say that because in our house traditionally if one cooks, they don’t have to clean. MAN, OH MAN!!! Hoisted on my own petard!!!

So….if you find yourself alone this Thanksgiving or just don’t want to cook – come on over. We have PLENTY of food to share, a family that absolutely loves adding friends into our family but please, please don’t bring a thing because I need some help with the clean-up!!!

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