Am I Really Ready for Revival? – Iverna Tompkins (1/2/2010)

Am I Really Ready for Revival?
Iverna Tompkins

Exodus 6-12

Lord, send a revival and let it begin in me. What is a revival? It is the Holy Spirit showing off God, His way.

What does it take to get you ready for revival? The main thing is to REMEMBER!

Remember God’s goodness, remember God’s direction, remember God’s calling, remember God’s covenant, remember to be ready, remember the fear of the Lord.

Remember God’s goodness. Remember your story. Unfortunately sometimes we tend to forget the story, the times the enemy was on our heels and God stopped the enemy and he cleared the path. We walked on through and then took the credit for it. And God said, it was Me. I am the One that did it for you…. Remember! Testimonies, encouragement. We need to do that with each other and with ourselves. It is what David meant when he said he encouraged himself in the Lord. Need to learn to remember if we are going to get ready for revival.

Remember God’s direction. If you will indeed obey my voice… We mean it at first but then we balk. God is saying if you will really do what you said and if you will really follow my direction….then you will be my treasure. God is looking for a people that will really do it.

Remember God’s calling. You will be a Kingdom of priests and a holy nation. Holy means “other than.” Set apart, not like the others. Something different. Your voice is a voice that is one with God’s heart.

Remember your covenant. God said that He hears your prayers and he will come and he will bring revival but there are some things…you have to prepare, keep His covenants, keep His commandments. Have you ever been so desperate as to say Lord Whatever….and the Lord says okay. It is hurtful to God for us to break covenant. He would rather we had never made a vow (that is scripture).

If He is God and He knows I am not going to keep my promise, why does He keep His? God is not a man that He should lie. He keeps covenant.

He is I am…I am anything you need. I am everywhere you go. I am sufficient for every situation and every need of every life. Nothing can separate you from me. 17:40 Get ready, clean yourself up, focus on Me and stop thinking of yourself.

If you are trying to clean yourself up in order to be prepared for revival…STOP! You cannot get clean enough for God’s visitation. Everything we receive, we receive from Him. The only thing that pleases God is Himself. The only thing good in me is Him. It is not about me. I was in Him then…on the cross. He died for all. He said “I died for ALL” and that includes me. The only thing that is left is for me to accept the fact of faith. Faith is…that is the fact of faith.

Remember to be ready. Even though we can’t get ready we can get ready for the third day. On the third day He rose and on the third day we rose and He is coming again. We are on the edge of something glorious and exciting.

Remember to be ready. I hear Him saying, church I have been saying I am coming and some are ready but many are not and I want you to know I am coming -ready or not….Here I come!!!

It is not enough just to feel enough of God to tremble. Moses went and got the people that were in the camp trembling and he said I want you to come and meet the real thing. We have seen the counterfeit. Let’s look for the real. When He says He is bringing revival we get excited but I wonder if we will be able to handle what He does? It is strange church? Can we handle it? What if someone jumps up and does something and it was God. Would we lose half of you? Some saw that Mt. Sinai was enveloped in fire. Fire! When Holy Spirit comes first thing released is FIRE. Fire of God coming back to church. That doesn’t mean enthusiasm. When fire of God comes it burns up anything burnable. Wood, hay, stubble…poof! All your good works…poof! Gone. But fire of God ignites…ignites a dead man. Allows wisdom to come on us. Causes us to speak beyond natural understanding. Makes a difference in lives. How do you know He is coming in fire? He is fire! Our God is a consuming Fire! He is going to consume the dross but then He is going to consume YOU. Imagine it. Fire has to come to purify. He wants the gold pure so that He can see His face in you. Moses is ready, but people are not ready. It is one thing to be wishful and another thing to be ready. All the people witnessed God’s move and they stood back and just doubted because it didn’t fit their ideas.

When God comes He comes His way sometimes it will look like peace and tears. Sometimes like thunder and lightening. If you are really ready for God you don’t care which…but you will recognize it when it comes.

Remember the Fear of the Lord. Moses said God has come to test you. What is the test? God tests you so that you can know the FEAR OF THE LORD so you won’t leave when He comes. Such incredible promises for those that fear the Lord. Fear of the Lord is that I love Him so much that I fear to hurt Him. Example of fear in NT Acts 10:2 Cornelius feared God. What is it to fear God. There is a pattern – Acts 10:2

Some need to get our houses ready. Fear of God promises kinds of blessings that come to no one else. Fear of God fans an incredible desire to give. When you are God fearing you look for a place to give. Fear of the Lord hates evil, not people.

Fear of the Lord changes us. Sometimes we say we are done with our old habits and destructive things, sin and be get them away from us and put them in a cage. We say we are done with it but then we keep it, like a pet, just in case. The Holy Spirit is saying…NO MORE. You aren’t keeping it. You open that cage and you destroy it, YOU stomp it to death. You do it. It is the end of that thing!!! He says if you will walk in that kind of fear and overcoming…then I promise… What does He promise…

He promises: I will give you long life Proverbs 10:27, blessedness Psalm 128:14, sufficiency Psalm 34:9, divine friendship Psalm 25:15, protection Psalm 34:7, deliverance Psalm 85:9, forgiveness Psalm 130:4, guidance Psalm 125:12, protection from men’s tongue Psalm 31:19-20, His mercy Luke 1:50, acceptance with Him ?, to walk a balanced life and believe what the Lord says Ecclesiastes 7:18.

Fear of the lord prevents pride Romans 11:20, Micah 6:8
Fear of the Lord gives reason for submission Ephesians 5:21
Fear of the Lord leads to rest Hebrews 4:1

Without fear of the Lord there will be none of these things. Without fear of the Lord I will not be truly ready for revival.

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